Insulin Pump Therapy

Judy A Daniel from U.S.A

Female, age 55 has been living with type I Diabetes for 46 years

The Dana Ⅱ pump has changed my life for the better. It has given me the freedom that i have naver experienced in 46 years.
Before the pump I took 4 shots a day with blood sugars that were up and down.
I love my new lifestyle with my Dana Ⅱpump.

Thank you.

Tolga Gunkut from Trukey

Male, age 24 has been living with Diabete Mellitus for 6 years

I’m diabetes mellitus for six years. I become Diabetes after the shock of earthquake in Duzce on 17th August 1999.
I have started with insulin pen and throughout that year, I have only used to insulin pen.
During that period I could not maintain my glucose level at a certain lever, so my doctor suggested me use an insulin pump.

I have started to use Dana Diabecare Insulin Pump since 2003. After I bought my Dana Diabecare Ⅱ Insulin Pump, my blood sugar level reached regular level. My glucose level and the other important indications like as HbA1c was gotten better since then.

I really believe that Dana works harder in order to make real this sweet pump.

Tomas from Lithuania

Male, age 43 has been living with type I Diabetes for 19 years

I’m using insulin pumps for 4 years.
The Dana pump for the last 3 years. The Dana pump is realy great - it is small, light and easy to understand.
It made my life easier and my diabetes more controlable. Still the HbA1c values did not change and remained about 6.8.

Betty Setz from Israe

Female, age 24 has been living with type I Diabetes for 15 years

I was diagnosed as Type I diabetes when I was 6 years old. I used to take 3-4 injects by insulin pen a day.
I was so awkward and threatened by this multiple injects. And also it’s not easy to control blood glucose level.
I’m so happy with Dana Ⅱpump since it gave me a comfotable life and keep me a normal glucose level.

Sun Yu-Guo from China

Male, age 36 has been living with Diabetes Mellitus for 15 years

I’ve become to know about Dana insulin pump while I was in the hospital due to the neuropathy in 2005.
I had lost weight about 7 kg until using my Dana insulin pump and could not sleep well every night even though I had been treated by oral medicine and insulin pen. My current blood sugar is well controlled as 5-6mmol/L for use Dana pump since June 8th 2005.
I’m so happy with my Dana insulin pump because it gives me good to 7-8 hours sleep every night and makes me have good appetite every day.

Giedre from Lithuania

Female, age 9 has been living with type I Diabetes for 4 years

I’m using pump 2 years and my HbA1c are well controlled since then.
I don’t want to come back to live with insulin syringe.
I love the Dana pump.